Friday, May 9, 2008


"...[The] men averaged 8 to 9 feet tall in the Colorado desert near the Arizona-Nevada-California line. Howard E. Hill. of Los Angeles disclosed that several well-preserved mummies were taken from caverns in an area roughly 180 miles square, extending through much of southern Nevada..."

"These giants are clothed in garments consisting of a medium length jacket and trouser extending slightly below the knees." said Hill. "The texture of the material is said to resemble gray dyed sheepskin, but obviously it was taken from an animal unknown today."

...In another cavern was found the ritual hall, with devices and markings similar to those now used by the Masons. So far, Hill added, no women have been found. He said the explorers believe that they found the burial place of the tribe's hierarchy. Hieroglyphics,...are chiseled, he added, on carefully-polished granite.

He said Dr. Viola V. Pettit, of London, who made excavations around Petra, on the Arabian desert, soon will begin an inspection of the remains.

[Originally reported in 1947 by the San Diego Union recounted in Atlantis Rising January / February 2002]

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Inspirational Artwork

These two images have always impressed me. When I have been writing these two seem to be fighting in my head.