Friday, July 25, 2008

For I am not ashamed.

"Are you ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ?" The teachers voice bellowed and reverberated off the walls.

-"Of course not? None of us would have joined the church or served missions if we were."

"You aren't understanding the question..." the teacher's voice trailed off and his eyes glazed for moment as if reminiscing of an earlier time, quickly he came to the present again and looked over his students. Pacing, he looked them up and down. His focus went directly to his student's clothing. Recognizing what their teacher was staring at, each one became self conscious of the training clothes each one had been given to wear. Threadbare and worn from the months of training, patches sewn upon patches to reinforce the knees to keep the scrapes and bruising to a minimum. At once he then turned on his heel and zeroed for the exit. As he left his voice penetrated their ears as if he spoke next to them, "Well, you haven't gone out in public yet."

"What? You think we can't wear this in public? We'll do just fine. We aren't prideful." James spoke out.

As the door closed a last message from the trainer eeked through, "That's not what you will be wearing." The door closed with a voluminous thud.